Meet our Trustees

The Trustees are the people who are responsible for the organisation that is LGBTQ Youth Cornwall which runs YAY! Cornwall.  The Trustees apply for the funds and sponsorship, write the policies and proceedures, employ the youth workers etc.  Trustees are elected at the Annual General Meeting each year in November, if you are interested in finding out more about what is involved in being a Trusee then contact us. 





Having been a trestee since 2013, I became chairperson at the AGM in 2014.  My background is in nursing and sexual health.  




I am an advocacy and support worker for Intercom Trust and also a specialist Advocate for Together for Families. I have been involved in YAY since the beginning of the group and am the Treasurer and Safeguarding Lead at the moment.  I am the co-author of the award winning Schools Transgender Guidance.  I am a director of the National Gay Outdoor Club and an Independent Advisor to Devon & Cornwall Police.





I have been involved with LGBTQ Youth Cornwall since 2008, I am a Trustee and Secretary for the organisation. Together with my husband I have given advice to the Arch Deacon of Cornwall on matters in relation to faith and sexual orientation and I am a acredited member of the Institute of Equality and Diversity Practitioners. I provide training and LGBT awareness sessions in schools to young people as well as to people like doctors and other professionals as well in Equality and Diversity.  I am also a keen member of the Cornwall Gay Outdoor Club and a director of the national organisation, I also volunteer with the Intercom Trust. 







Proud supporter of YAY since the beginning, I'm really excited to be able to support this fantastic group.






I am a trustee and was honoured to support LGBTQ Youth Cornwall, this organisation does a great job supporting young people identifying as LGBTQ, providing a safe, friendly and welcoming environment.

I work for Cornwall Council and have been working on their equality agenda for over 5 years.  I am currently the Cornwall Coulcil Corporate Equality and Diversity Team Leader



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I am a member of the national Environment Agency LGBT Group and having previously attended the Stonewall leadership Programme and been on the Cornwall Pride committee I am please to be involved in running the youth group.









Maureen Sellars